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Monthly Update - December 2023

A Win for Winnie โ€“ Happy Tails

After her service dog passed away in 2016, Kerri wasnโ€™t sure she would live long enough to adopt another one. But as she began to recover from a severe, long-term illness and regain her strength, she decided it was time. Winnie was the perfect dog for her, not just her sweet girl but an important part of her continued healing. So when Winnie needed emergency veterinary care, Kerri used every ounce of resilience she had to find resources to save Winnie, including a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant.

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Your Annual Statement Reminder!

Thank you so much to our generous FurEver Friends, who help us strengthen the human-animal bond every day in the work we do. You can get your 2023 online giving history by clicking the link below to access the donor portal and find your receipts under Donation History. All FurEver Friends will also receive a printed Annual Statement for all 2023 donations via mail postmarked on or before January 31.

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More than $1.1M in Grants Awarded to Domestic Violence Shelter Survivorโ€™s Pets

Weโ€™ve hit a HUGE milestone! In 2023 so far, weโ€™ve awarded $1,104,655 in Safe Housing grants โ€“ the most ever in one year, thanks in part to Purina and PetSmart Charities! This cycle, four domestic violence shelters and two animal shelters were awarded grants (all DV shelters will become pet friendly for the first time).

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Community: A Feeling of Fellowship with RedRover Responders

Collaborating, learning, and supporting the work of those who are already actively building up local efforts is what our Community Program partnerships are all about. We were incredibly proud to support three different organizations this fall, all with the same goal of providing much-needed services in areas where there arenโ€™t systems in place to support pets and their people.

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Kind Newsโ„ข Magazine Features Youth Who Give Back

In planning our November/December Kind News magazine, we decided to bring young heroes front and center. Itโ€™s the season of giving, and we wanted to shine a light on the many ways young people can give kindness to humans and animals alike.

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