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Monthly Update - October 2023

Smiles and a Happy Tail for Maggie Mae

One day as Aussies Maggie Mae and Shorty were getting their zoomies out on the property, a speeding truck barreled down the private road, running Maggie Mae over as they went. She was left with a rear leg broken. Catie and her spouse nearly drained their savings to pay for the surgery Maggie Mae needed to repair the leg โ€“ but many complications caused her to need an amputation.

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Purple Thursday is October 19!

Save the Date! Observed during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, you and your pet can show your support for domestic violence survivors by wearing purple โ€“ share your photos on social media with the hashtags #25by2025 #PetsAreFamily and tag @RedRoverorg. And for the month of October, our friends at Purina are matching 100% of donations to the Purple Leash Project, up to $200,000!

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RedRover Responders Volunteers Help Dogs on the Navajo Nation

Our second visit to the Navajo Nation to assist the Parker Project with a wellness clinic for family pets brought an exciting new unchaining initiative: building safe enclosures for dogs that live chained or tethered outside. For many folks living on the reservation, accessing veterinary care could mean driving 200-plus miles. When just under 40% (data as of 2019) of the population is living below poverty, allocating money towards gas can be a challenge.

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Pet Festival Supports Kind Newsโ„ข to Help Counter Cruelty

Two decades ago, two animal lovers saw a documentary showing cruelty to animals, and decided to do something. They launched an annual event to bring pet lovers together while raising money for causes that prevent cruelty โ€“ one of them being Kind News magazine. We were excited to be back at Pet Rock Festival in September celebrating the magazine with the dogs and people of New England!

Photo Credit: Telegram & Gazette Staff

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National Estate Planning Week is ย  October 16-22

Officially the best week of the year to plan for your future, and the future of bringing animals from crisis to care nationwide. Have you explored RedRoverโ€™s partnership with FreeWill and their free estate planning tool? Take action this week and see how your estate plan can bring peace of mind, for years to come.ย 

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RedRover Cares Cornerย โ™ฅ

Because we believe that pets are family, RedRover is one of more than 80 animal welfare and human services organizations advocating for the passage of the bipartisan Providing for Unhoused People with Pets (PUPP) Act. This bill would provide funding to retrofit shelters to accommodate unhoused people with pets. Funding to provide additional veterinary services would also be made available.

Like our domestic violence assistance programs, the PUPP Act will help ensure that people and families experiencing homelessness with pets don't have to make the impossible choice between shelter and leaving their pet behind.ย If you believe that pets are family, consider contacting your representative to urge their support for passing the PUPP Act!

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