April FurEver Friends Newsletter
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April 2024 โ€“ Monthly Update

Our Perfect Companion โ€“ Koaโ€™s

Happy Tail

The moving blur of fuzz Cari's son spotted on the side of the road turned out to be an abandoned puppy who she knew immediately would be a part of her family. Koa would become their best friend, perfect companion, and an enthusiastic candidate for service dog training. But when he injured himself on a broken fence, their future together seemed less certain without help from a Friend like you.

Poll Results: Your Pet Nicknames!

We asked our FurEver Friends and you answered! Check out the results from last monthโ€™s newsletter poll above, while no one admitted to having more than 10 nicknames for their pet. Most of us have just a few nicknames for our pets, each no doubt carefully chosen to reflect our special bonds (or to rhyme, or just 'cause it's cute).

In case you missed the fun poll in the first FurEver Friends special update, let us know below if you have conversations with your pet!

Meet RedRover Responders super volunteer Callie!

April is volunteer appreciation month, and weโ€™d love to introduce you to someone who may be a familiar face. Callie has been on just about every type of deployment we offer: sheโ€™s built safe enclosures for dogs that live outside, handled and cared for animals during spay/neuter and wellness clinics, and responded at the last minute to build emergency shelters for cruelty and neglect situations.

RedRover Responders Volunteers Help Rescue 250 Dogs and Puppies

Six volunteers joined our Field Services and Community Programs Manager Devon in Oklahoma to provide daily care to these most deserving animals, providing cleaning each day, fresh bedding and water, breakfast and dinner (and lunch for some!), and plenty of cuddles. We are grateful for our volunteersโ€™ kind hearts!

RedRover Names New
President and CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Catherine โ€œKatieโ€ Campbell is RedRover's new President and CEO! Katie began this position on March 18th, 2024. In her role as President and CEO, she brings a wealth of nonprofit experience to this role to help further RedRoverโ€™s mission to bring animals from crisis to care and to strengthen the human-animal bond.

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